The NY Gypsy All-Stars at Drom

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        There constantly a whole bunch of musical events that happen right here in New York – everyday there is an artist, or band (Mainstream, Indie, Underground, all types of artists) that perform for one of the most musically eager communities in the world. There have been multiple popular events; Vampire Weekends tour, Kendrick Lamar’s visit to Barclays etc…but this time, there will be a unique band (and trust me when I say unique) introduced who both are from Let’s start off with this multi-cultural group:The NY Gypsy All-Stars.


                These “gypsy all-stars” are having multiple performances in NY in the next couple monthes or so. They are currently on a tour, where they in the upcoming future, will travel to places such as NY, California, and even to Istanbul, Turkey. They just recently performed in Drom club of NY, this past Tuesday, and will perform there again this 14th/24th. October 1st they visit Drom again- and they finish off NY by performing at Joes Pub in NY on a Saturday that lands on the 12th of October.

Drom in East Villiage.

       Exactly what genre do they embrace? It’s as if Reggae, World, and Latin music all collided and formed a form of sedimentation, (except music related). So, overall, their music is influenced by Balkan melodies, and to be more specific, Balkan Romany. They have a clarinet in their band: that’s how you know they are funky! Ismail Lumanovski (Macedonian/Turkish) controls the clarinet, and the rest of the band are under his leadership. Rest of the members are as followed: Tamer Pinarbasi from Turkey on qanun, Panogiotis Andreu from Greece on bass, Engin Gunaydin on drums and Jason Linder on the keyboard. The members include lush sounds of Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, and American origins.

Address of Drom: 85 Ave A

            East Village

             New York

Visit for more info on the event (they have multiple performances at Drom in the next 2-3 months). Ticket prices will cost $15.



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