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Being “the only child” is quite a romantic thing. To have the privilege of parents’ entire love and care all to oneself, is a pleasant idea. But being the only child, is also a drawback in many respects. Thus, like many other matters of daily life, this flower too is not without a thorn.

The only child is the center of all the affection and sentiments of his parents. Psychologists tell us that when a second child is born, the love for the first one is shared by the new comer. This is why the only child enjoys the utmost affection and love of his parents. But there are also some other reasons for this phenomenon. As the number of children increases, the parents become more and more busy in earnings for the betterment of their children. Thus, the parents have only a little money and no time to show their affection to their senior children. But, if one is ‘the only child’ of his parents, their love and affection remains constant.

If one is ‘the only child’ of his parents, he can get as much money, food, clothing, and education as one likes. But, if there are a good number of children, it becomes quite difficult. Moreover, one has every comfort, ease and facility if one is ‘the only child’ of his parents. Sometimes ‘the only child also tries to get an undue benefit. As ‘the only child’ of his parents, one can exploit them to any extent to get undue benefits in addition to the due one. This thing spoils the child and when he benefits in addition to the due one. This thing spoils the child and when he faces the world as a grown up man, he feels out of sorts with his fellow workers.

An important factor in this regard is the attitude of parents towards their ‘only child’. In all cases parents should be careful enough not to show undue love to their children. It is not mere love but ‘undue’ love which spoils ‘the only child’. Moreover, the parents of ‘the only child’ should be a bit frank to the child, as he or she has no brother or sister to be frank with. But if the parents accord complete frankness, the child is likely to be out of control. One the other hand, if they are completely indifferent, the child will feel that the parents are not caring for him or her properly. ‘The only child’ may develop a sense of loneliness due to this hunger of frankness, and may remain shy throughout his life. So, to a great extent, it is the parents who make or ruin the career of the ‘only child’.

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I am Muhammad Haneef Khan I am Administration Officer in Pakistan Public School & College, K.T.S, Haripur.

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