The Originators of Heavy Metal is from Philippines

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Black Sabbath is honored as the progenitors of heavy metal but think again. Armageddon is one of the originators of the genre and they are from Philippines. Their original compositions was then released in several countries around the world and the band don't have a name or genre to classify their music but through listening to their materials, it is clear that the band have a very heavy metal sounds and they exists in the early 70's.  Their materials was confiscated in music stores as the Marcos regime condemns the propagation of their album accusing them of promoting satanism in their early works.  The original materials are then cease to exists in the modern years. Although some materials are released in abroad specially in Japan. No materials are easily accessible to this date. One of their early compositions is found in the internet and you can hear one of their materials. Mayhem was one of the bands who listen to their materials and they have created their black metal music from the sound of the band. 

Armageddon is one of the first heavy metal bands on Earth and they are from Philippines!!!



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