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Pakistan is an Islamic country, where women are given with all the rights that are given to men. Pakistani women are very talented. The best example of great Pakistani woman is “Malala Yousufzai that raised the voice for education especially for women’s education. Her voice spread in all over the world and as a result she got many rewards i.e. noble peace prize etc.

   Women in Pakistan are taking an active part in all walks of life. There are a lot of job opportunities for them, whereas, it was not so in the past. They are showing their skills in every field of life. During the first ten years after the establishment of Pakistan, there were a few working women who were mostly doctors, nurses and teachers.

   But now they are also engineers, accountants, police officers, managers of business concerns, pilots, specialist doctors, artists, writers, newscasters, editors, reporters, bankers, lawyers, army officers and judges in courts etc.

We have had women politician as minister, speaker and prime minister. They also compete successfully in central superior services examinations and hold responsible positions in administration, custom, income tax and other public departments.

   Women belonging to almost all parts of the country are raising literacy rate among women to bring them to the main stream of the development of the country.

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