The Past Days was really Busy.

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I'm out of this site the past days. I do apologize for all the people who  buzz me and I don't have the time to buzz back. I do really want to be very active in this site but my work schedule is tough. I'm working for about 16 hours or more a day. I'm doing double shifts and this site get's the least time from me. I'm not a good earner in this site at all. This is just a way to express myself so I do check the site where I can make good money. 

But unlike the others who just leave the site for no reasons. I'm still around but not as active as before. Time passed and I'm on this site for a while. Still until now I still didn't get the target earnings that I want. I hope that one of these days the site will give a raise and we can earn more satosthis in this site. In that way, most of the people will be encouraged to stay active and make this site as a good way to earn cash over the internet. 

I promise to check out all the people who did check and buzzed my post in the past days. You  know who you are and I hope the you stay active and working in this site like me. I will be checking the site once in a while just to give you guys update and buzz back. I'm truly missing this site but I'm really preoccupied with a tons of things to do. 

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