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Pen is nothing but an instrument used to write. It is that tool without which a person cannot write books, papers and even cannot fill diaries.

Pen is made up of various types of materials like plastic,glass,steel,wood,etc.As far as its structure is concerned , generally we can say, it is an elongated hollow tube having two open ends. One end is occupied by nib that is a pointed piece of metal while the other end is closed by a small rounded piece of plastic. In some pens the rear end is completely closed by the manufacturing factory.Different pens have different types of nibs.In many pens it is composed of iron metal while in others, it may be of steel, silver or even of gold type. Inside the hollow tube of pen, there is another small plastic tube which is filled with ink. The ink is transferred from the tube on to the surface of paper through nib.The ink may of various colours like blue, black,red ,green etc. It also has cap which is removed when people utilize it for writing. It can be assumed like a cover which protects its nib from being damaged.

Now, we throw some light on the usage of pen.It is used in almost every field of life. When we look at a shopkeeper , he use it to make a bill of his customer. It is mostly used in the field of education because a literate person can be recognized by a pen in his pocket. When we see a doctor he cannot write a prescription for his patients without  having a pen.

Pen is symbol of educated people. It has a power more than a sword. It is the pen of judge who decide which person is guilty and which one is innocent. In the last I like to say, pen is a powerful instrument which differentiates educated people from non-educated.

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