The people can save themselves

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Today afghan people are realizing that support and work hand in hand with Security Forces is a way for bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan. They are also realizing that success against criminals and terrorist can be achieved much more effectively when responsible residents advise their local authorities of suspicious activities.

Trust on Afghan National Police is effective too. More Afghan citizens are learning to trust on their sons to take care of security problems in their areas. For years, these forces have struggled to gain public support and to quieted war, now they are success in this part.

In other hand, across the country, security officials are seeing a new culture of supporting police forces. A way to get secure is to aware our nearest police station from different bad actions like; theft, kidnap, suicide attack and other crimes. It is small action but has a big result.

My country is my home and I won’t allow anyone to come here and cause trouble for my family. I see it is my duty as a citizen to look around and tell security organizations about anything suspicious going on.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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