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It is said that small people worship personalities but great people worship ideas. I, too, like a person but because of his ideas. The person I like is my own father. He is a man of balanced personality with a heart fail of love and a mind teeming with sublime thoughts. Fair complexion smooth forehead, black curly hair and a pointed nose that shoes his strong will-power are the main traits of his external appearance. He is teacher by profession.

He is a devoted and diligent worker. He illuminates his mind by reading books. He is not a book worm. But he spends most of his time in the wise company of his sagacious friends. People like to seek guidance from him. He is always ready to help the needy. He charming face reveals his fascinating manner. He is a man of balanced personality. You cannot call his a conservative. Nor can he be called too liberal. He is tolerant, broad minded and optimist.

. His views about different matters of this worked are impartial. Though a t5rue Muslim, he believes in the religion of humanity. He says that l0ove for everyman irrespective of his caste; creed and country should be the essence of every religion. He hates but only one things prejudice. He condemns but ‘mullahism’ that encourages narrow mindedness and duels violent emotions.

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