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Trough a true Muslim, he believes in the religion of humanity. He says that love for every man irrespective of his caste, creed and country should be the essence of every religion. He hates but only one thing i.e. prejudice. He condemns ‘Mullahism’ that encourage narrow mindedness and fuels violent emotions.

But he loves religious scholars who spend their time in guiding people and reforming their morals and manners. Similar is his approach in politics. He advocates equality and fraternity among never weed out evil and hunger form this world. He does not like those political who fool people by exploiting their religious emotion and bad economic condition.

I believe that man is a blend of virtues and vices so in my father. He has some flaws in his character. But I am proud of his being a man and not an angle. There are lot of teachers in to world but I like the teacher my best is very much. Someone, like the character and the other things of the teachers but I like our teacher in man of character.

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