The Power Of Public Opinion

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1. Meaning of Public Opinion:

It is supposed that the Government, once it has been formed in a country, can have its way for a certain period of time. But this is not wholly true. There is one factor which continues to affect the course of events and leave its impacet on the country's social and political life. This factor is described as public opinion and its importance has increased in the present democratic age. Public opinion is not always right because there are some things which are not in front of those loyal peoples. But many times the public is very helpful to make a decision in any ocassion which is very hurdle causing. 

2. Democracy:

If Lincoln's famous formula that

government of the people by the people for the people is correct, then the public must hold the central position in the sociopolitical structure of the country.

Democracy has been recognized as the most modern method of putting the public in that position. What the public actually does is to choose representatives to work on its behalf. This is the form of government in most countries. Democracy in many countries of the world exists. And it is helpful to make government. Democracy is one of the best way to make government. By this way people can change the government after certain period of time. If the representatives of the people are not doing according to their wishes then they can change them.

3. Public Opinion Makes itself Felt:

Though the rulers are chosen ones. They do not always behave according to the wishes of the people in general. It is at this point that public opinion makes itself felt. Suppose the government has taken certain wrong political steps or economic measures the people would resent them. If the degree of their indignation is small, the government might be forced to change its decisions altogether. Similarly, the people can express their disapproval of the governmental policies by taking out protest processions, staging demonstrations, passing resolutions and public meetings etc.

4. Many Historical Changes:

Public opinion has caused many historical changes in human life down the ages. We shall consider only two instances. First the French Revolution was a success because the French public was fed up with the tyranny of kingship. Secondly, the English had to quit India because Indian public would not accept the former as their lawful rulers. So public opinion can change each power by the safe and sound way, which is by giving their opinion. 


5. Determines the Character of Social Pattern:

Public opinion to a large extent determines the character of social patterns. If it regards certain values as worthy and noble, they will prevail in society as blood in human body. On the other hand, if it is against certain evils, those will be uprooted as if they never existed. 

6. Rightly Motivated:

Public opinion is always rightly motivated. The reason is that the masses as a rule love the principles of honesty. Truthfulness and justice. They passionately desire to see these principles uncorrupted. It is very important as public opinion is according to the wishes of the people. 

7. Not Good to Suppress Public Opinion:

It is never good to suppress the opinion of the public. For public voice can be silenced for some time but not for ever. Sooner or later it must erupt like lava from a volcano and then the disaster would follow. It is very common observation that if some people want to go against the public opinion then they cannot supress it. So it is very important to tolerate the public opinion and implimant their wishes as they want. 

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