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I've been using Twitter as my primary source for news and information for the past 5 years. It's a great site to gather real-time updates and breaking stories. After a few years of using Twitter, I realized I need to take advantage of it's innovation, so I decided to start my own crowd-sourced media account called FreeDumb News. Here I compile information that is based on the concept of liberty, de-centralization and freedom, as well as healthy living and personal wellness. It's been a full year of FreeDumb News and I am beginning to see growth in my subscribers.

Today I discovered TweetDeck. I have heard of this application before, but I had always brushed it off as "just another app". But upon installing, I instantly realized how much TweetDeck enhances the overall Twitter experience. You can create unlimited timelines, based on whatever data you want. For instance, you can make a bitcoin column to get real-time results from everyone posting bitcoin related tweets. Or you can follow Lists from your favorite journalists and receive updates instantly. TweetDeck is also a great way to manage multiple accounts because you can work with many different Timelines on the same interface.

I highly recommend using TweetDeck for anyone who loves the free flow of information. It is an amazing tool for managing your Twitter and you will see results the minute you log in. Enjoy!:

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