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"I may not good at everything but I make good use of everything." This what makes me busy last December 7, 2014. It was Mom's 48 birthday and I asked her if what she want to do on her special day and she said, it's up to you guys because I don't want to celebrate my birthday anymore. Mom just don't feel like it and I don't know why. My plan was, gonna buy a cake in Red ribbon or Goldilocks, then my head just function and I remember I know how to bake cake. LOL! Then I approach Mom that I'm gonna make a cake for her and she's okay with it. So in the picture are my home made chocolate cakes. (Every Christmas or New year our neighbor will come to us and order some of the cakes available (sideline business)). And I made those salads too to add up to our dessert. We are all full and thank goodness my cakes are delicious haha! Thank You Lord for all the blessings!

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