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The Promised Neverland (or Yakusoku no Neverland) is one of the most interesting anime to come out last season. It was in the horror genre which is not very common in anime and usually scorned upon for not being actually 'scary'. However the series in question was not only able to hold its ground but also made a mark on the anime history as one of the greatest thrillers of all time. Let me explain why.

Amazing Premise

When you here the general idea of a series and convinces you use your imagination to explore that idea, you know thats gonna make an interesting story. This is the situation in The Promised Neverland case. I remember watching the first episode and being so shocked but also extremely interested in the story.

However I simply cannot share the general idea of the narrative as it is considered to be one of the biggest spoilers in the first half of the season. Therefore I recommend at least watching the first episode to give this series a try.

Without any spoilers here is the background of the series at the start of the first episode. 25 or so children are living in an orphanage leading very happy lives with their only care-taker, Isabella whom they call 'Mom'.


What makes a thriller exciting is its plot twists. If you can predict the outcomes of the actions that people make miles ahead that is not a very good thriller. So The Promised Neverland makes use of plot twists almost in every episode to complement it's suspensive narrative and also keeping the viewers interested.

I can say with confidence that this show's plot -twists has a predictability level of Code Geass or Death Note or even higher. Some of the plot twists are straight-up mind blowing and question everything we have seen in the series that far. And the others are extremely shocking making you loose hope on ever seen a happy ending.

Great Characters


It is an understatement to say that The Promised Neverland has great characters. All three of our protagonists are simply amazing while even the majority of the supporting cast has insane depth to their characters.

The main trio: Emma, Norman and Ray are the top students at the orphanage each having their own talents and skills. Emma is super athletic, caring and optimistic, Norman is a genius, very observant and creative, and Ray is an intellect with a great memory, and all of them excels at using their specialty to take advantage of a situation.

Even the secondary characters like Isabella, Don, Gilda and sister Krone has incredible depth to their character making them truly unique not just in this show but in any show.


So I know that this is only the first season and also it is bad to talk about the ending to people who haven't even seen the beginning, especially in a show like this one. But I will just say it exceeded my expectations as always, and overall, it was amazing.



If you made it this far you should really give the first episode a try and decide whether or not to continue. The show is available in Crunchyroll and Aniplex will soon release the Dub.


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