The rapid advance of low-frequency queries

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Every website owner wants his project went over the TOP, but it is clear that this requires a serious investment. But what to do when they are not? One answer: to start promotion for low frequency queries. It will improve the overall attendance of the resource to 500 people a day and bring it to the TOP by low-frequency keywords.

Of course, ideally it is better to entrust the job to professionals, but if the promotion is not even a minimal budget, then it is necessary to do everything personally. First and foremost, you will need to make a list of NP queries. You need to use the statistics of Yandex search system: wordstat. Approximately you need to choose about 200 thematic keywords.

Next, you need to identify pages that are relevant to the selected low frequency queries. Of course, doing all this manually, when the site is over 200 pages, it is impractical, so you should use the free module on called "most Relevant pages". He will not only find them but also will generate a ready reference that you can use for internal linking.

After that, they will need to put in some code pages where the main text. It is better to leave one, maximum two.
Along with this, it is recommended under some chosen keywords to write articles. Then they need to also put links from your site, then make their indexing. To do this, add them to addurilki or use Twitter, the latter allows you to "force" a new page in the index within a few minutes.

Now it is recommended to scan new articles on social bookmarks, as well as those that were under relink keywords. In this promotion under the scheme will be completed. Soon you will notice a significant influx of traffic from search engines.

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