The Realities of Making a Living Online

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The Realities of Making a Living Online

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You might have encountered some social media posts from individuals who are claiming to have been earning generous amount online with minimal work. Or maybe posts saying that they are spending their time on a beach while earning thousands of dollars coming in passively. I should say that part of these statements might be true but you are not seeing the whole picture. I mean, earning a relatively high amount working online is possible but you have to work really hard in order to achieve it. Working and making a living online is not as easy as we think it is.


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Being an online worker doing a variety of tasks from different sites for almost six (6) years, I can say that online working is one of the most rewarding careers one could pursue but you have to go through a lot of hurdles before you could truly be successful on this field. Don't be mislead by the partial information you read on some blog posts or social media. The realities behind making a living online might surprised you!

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If you came to this field with a mindset that everything will come easy, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such thing as "easy" in the online field. Realities may hurt but knowing these things will prepare you for the worst-case scenario once you are in the field of the real battle.

Can We Make a Living Online?

The answer is yes, but... It might not be that easy. So drop the conjectures that making money online is easy because it won't lead you anywhere but to failure.

Here are the realities:

(1) You may experience a lot of sleepless nights


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Working online would mean depriving ourselves of the right amount of sleep. Due to a lot of things that we need to do, we are obliged to work even at the wee hours of the night while most people are sleeping.

Moreover, if you are working online on a part-time on top of your day job, you're a tough person because maintaining two jobs is a real struggle. 

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 (2) You must possess multiple skills


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You cannot completely run an online business if you do not possess a variety of skills. Let, us take blogging as an example. Setting up your own blog would require technical skill such as website set up, hosting and design. Moreover, you need to have an excellent writing skill in order to create contents that are above par. 

Marketing skill is an added skill and in fact, the most important skill an individual aiming to be successful online should possess. 

No wonder my Mom told me after explaining to her what kind of job I have online,

"Your online work is a job for genius people."

(3) We must be updated with the latest technology trend


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What you learned a year ago might be obsolete at this time. That's how fast is the transition in the online world.  We should always keep an eye on updates. 

Why is this happening? Because of the stiff competition. Remember, we are competing with the whole world. If you cannot cope with the digital trend, you will be left behind. 

(4) You can only rely on your own (most of the time)

When I was starting, I don't have anyone who could ask help from because there is no one among my colleagues or friends who is into this field. I understand that. But recently, I discovered that even if you knew several people who are successful in this field, you cannot get an answer from them without paying for it. I experienced it from a certain group wherein I was asking for some help regarding setting up a website. I never did find an answer. Instead, they offered a price. 

But there's another method that we could use in order to spare us from paying. We can trade our skills with other skills. 

Though in rare instances, successful online friends could lend a hand without thinking of the monetary benefits. I find some here in Bitlanders. 

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(5) We must learn to multi-task


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Because of the limited availability of time, completing a certain task may require the application of some skill in multi-tasking.  Though at some point, multi-tasking may not be always a good idea. Most often, the result may not be as good as when we truly devote our full focus and concentration on the task at hand. 

(6) You must be a wide-reader


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The amount of time you devote to doing the research work may be longer than the actual completion of a certain task. Just like any other field of work, working online requires an individual to do a lot of reading. 

(7) Other people may find you weird


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One of the effects of making a living online is the fact that people around us may not understand what we are doing. Different opinions may arise which might hurt us in the end.

When I was still assigned in a municipality where one of the employees started an online writing career, I found a friend with similar interest. This way, I have someone to talk to about online matters. We share ideas, techniques and we usually talk about online working in almost all instances.

However, when I was transferred to another office, it seems that there is nobody I can share with on what happened during the day or to ask an opinion from about certain issues I encountered. 

This thing may give us a feeling of being an outcast. 

(8) We must be flexible


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With the presence of people from different countries, groups, or religion, it is imperative that we know how to adapt to the different situations. Having a smooth relationship with other online workers can help us achieve our goals at a lesser time.

(9) You might not earn enough


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Although the possibility of earning a relatively high amount is possible, there may come a point when you may not earn enough amount despite your efforts. When something is not working at our end, we should review our strategies to see where we should improve. 

(10) You might lose your social life

Because of the never-ending tasks, especially if you are just starting out, chances are, we might lose time for ourselves and our social life. 

On the final thought...

Working online is not an easy thing. We just make it look like it is. You will never know the reality unless you experienced it yourself. 

Just because we experience failure after failure, we will no longer pursue what we have started. While it is true that making a living online is a difficult endeavor, we should never give up because, at the end, a treasure awaits us. 

Only those who can overcome the difficulties of working online will reap the reward and will be truly successful. 

Here is another video that will inspire you to work and learn the real ways to make a living online. Watch and learn...

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Thank you for reading my friends! Hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you. Let's start the day by setting the right mindset.  Be successful!

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