The Reality of iWriter in 2016

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If you are in online freelance writing, then you definitely heard the name iWriter. It is an online writing site where you can earn good money by completing writing assignments. I have been a member of iWriter since early 2014 and made decent enough money to pay my bills.

Everything was going smooth until April this year. I was a premium writer and was making very good money, but then I encounter with some requesters who rejected my articles without any genuine reason, my rating fall below and I drop down to standard writer, the lowest tier of iWriter.

I agree that English is my second language, but still I was getting some good ratings from the trusted requesters. Unfortunately, those requesters seem to have been disappeared from the site and there were some new requesters. I have no option but to complete their work hoping for the best result, but all in vein.

These new lot of requesters have rejected my articles without giving some valid reasons. One said that my grammar was too bad. I was like really? This is the same level of grammar that put me on top here and now this new bunch of requesters telling me that it is not good for them? If they were looking for a native English writer then they should have mentioned on the project like most genuine requesters do on iWriter.

 This has prompted me to halt my writing there until my trusted requesters come back and look for other opportunities, which has landed me here at Bitlanders. I still have around $10 lying there and do not know I will ever return on that site again in the future.

The decision of leaving the site is quite tough. I have put more than two years of my life there and made some good client base. We share a good rapport and also got some special requests from them. I think they are gone too having similar experience with untrustworthy writers. This is too bad for us and to look for other opportunities is equally tough. There are not many writing sites that accept Asian writers these days and only catered to US, UK, Canada writers.

Now I here at Bitlanders to give it a shot and hope for a better experience with the community than iWriter. Is there any writer who has a similar experience like me on iWriter? If yes, I would definitely like to hear from you.

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