The reasons that limit the youth’s development in Afghanistan

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It’s clear to the country’s civilians that decades of war have created many disasters. All the destruction requires a massive amount of effort and willingness to work hard to rebuild the country. The Afghan youth needs to work and think diligently to resolve the country’s problems. Unfortunately, the biggest problem that the youth have encountered is failure of the economy and the lack in sense of culture.

            This causes the youth to be unable to develop and reach their goals. In addition, the carelessness of the government does not help their situation.

            After the family, the Board of Education is the next most influential effect within the youth’s future and abilities. The most important factor to build the people’s morale is knowledge and the Board of Education fails to create an efficient future for the youth. A mind-blowing question that goes through the people’s minds is, “Why is the Board of Education so bad during peacetime?”

            Most students of universities and schools lack inspiration within their lives.

            If they have inspiration in their lives, it would motivate them to develop. Inspiration can give power to people to achieve his/her goals. For example, if someone lacks inspiration to study, read, search, and observe, they cannot build onto their abilities. It depends on the teachers and the way they help their students. The way that they encourage can motivate students to work harder. Also, it can help students into having confidence in their abilities, allowing them to gain respect for their work so then the society will develop.

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