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I always check the Shop to window shop. Then something caught my attention. The Red Heart Balloon, a costume for our avatars. Upon purchase, the item will give you a bonus +3 buzz for bonus.


First I was hesitant. But I just thought of the benefits it could give me if I'll be consistent with my everyday activities until the item duration ends. Without a further ado, I just clicked the buy button and voila, nabawasan ang earnings, dabog dito dabog doon. Joke! Hahahahaha!            


Anyway the items that I just bought will give me +2 buzz for 5 days PLUS +3 buzz for 30 days! So that's a temporal bonus of +5 buzz for 5 days that will be added to my daily direct power ups. Another thing that I'm hoping for is the blog I submitted for review few days ago. I hope Hillary accept it and give it a good mark.

Here goes nothing but this nothing might turn into treasure if I make the most out of this bonus. Hopefully. *fingers crossed*

So yeah. Here's the new look of my avatar. Now, I only need someone to who will accept this heart as a sign of my everlasting love. LOL

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