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Just few more days left and the UAAP Women's Volleyball Season 79 is going to hit its opening. I am definitely excited for its return although my favorite volleybelle is not anymore playing for UAAP since she has graduated last year and yes I am speaking about Alyssa Valdez, I am still going to watch it because I have my own team which I have been supporting ever since I have learned about UAAP WV.

And because I have been waiting for this to happen, I thought I should blog about something about it. Things which I believe would help to those who are just following this college sports league in the country. Volleyball is not as popular as Basketball in the Philippines but I believe it is now gaining its own name within the Philippine Sports. I don't play volleyball though but I find it entertaining and since I started following on the league, it also had introduced me to different other leagues which have been held either within the country or even internationally.

I even had blogged about Alyssa Valdez few years ago and had posted it here in bitLanders too! I even got a five star rating for it which was a joy for me. I have it also shared on other social media sites and gladly, I found other Alyssa Valdez fans sharing and liking it too! It was such an honor. I have the link posted below:

The Phenom - Alyssa Valdez

So with regards to this Sport related post, I am also adding up a Querlo Survey which is regarding Sports which I believe is a great help for those companies who have business lines for sports. I don't know though if this survey includes the volleyball sport, but I am adding it anyway.

What is UAAP?

University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) established in 1938, is a collegiate athletic association of eight Metro Manila universities in the Philippines. Varsity teams from these universities compete annually in fifteen sports to vie for the overall championship title, namely, badminton, baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, chess, fencing, football, judo, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

The UAAP seal features the university colors of the eight member-schools of the league in a circular formation. It also bears the year when the league was established, 1938, in the center.

Member universities compete in 15 sports. Basketball, being the most popular sport in the Philippines, is the most watched and most supported among all the sports.

The information above comes from Wikipedia.

What are the Participating Schools/Teams?

There are eight school universities which have been participating in this collegiate league. The schools have prepared for this prestigious event that they would invest a lot on talent scouting for girls from high schools all over the country and even outside from other countries. There are schools who gave great bundles of perks just so they could attract great talents. They give good scholarship programs to the girls and in return would also let them go through a series of trainings within the Philippines and abroad.

So, which universities are participating and who are their line ups for this season? Let's look further. You may continue reading.

Adamson University


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

With new set of coaching staff, expect Adamson to make some noise this season:

Jessica Galanza
Mary Joy Dacoron
Maria Fatima Joaquin
Bernadette Flora
Chrislyn Uy
Chumcee Ann Caole
Lynne Robyn Matias
Zonxie Dahab
Ciarnelle Mikaela Wanta
Anwarlyn Mohammad
Jellie Tempiatura
Ronjean Momo
Tonnie Rose Ponce

Ateneo de Manila University

Without Aly, what could Ateneo Lady Eagles stored for the audiences? Here’s the Ateneo Lady Eagles Season 79 lineup:


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

Jho Maraguinot
Kat Tolentino
Jia Morado
Bea De Leon
Maddie Madayag
Ponggay Gaston
Gizelle Tan
Kim Gequillana
Deanna Wong
Ria Lo
Ana Gopico
Michelle Morente
Jamie Lavitoria
Jules Samonte

University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines is one of the title favorites this UAAP Season 79. Here's the Lady Maroon's line up :


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

Ayel Estranero
Kathy Bersola
Nicole Tiamzon
Princesa Gaiser
Isa Molde
Justine Dorog
Tots Carlos
Mae Basarte
Maris Layug
Marian Buitre
Caryl Sandoval
Rem Cailing
Aiesha Gannaban
Jessma Ramos


Surely with an intact roster of players, the lady tigresses is one tough team this season. The Lady Tigresses:


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

EJ Laure
Sisi Rondina
Ria Meneses
Chloe Cortez
Alex Cabaños
Alina Bicar
Dimdim Pacres
Pat Rasmo
Rica Rivera
Carla Sandoval
Shannen Palec
Tin Francisco
Caitlin Viray
Pam Lastimosa

De La Salle University

The reining champion, will they be able to gain their back to back crown?


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

Desiree Wynea T. Cheng (Outside Hitter)
Dawn Nicole L. Macandili (Libero)
Michelle Monique Cobb (Setter)
May M. Luna (Outside Hitter)
Kim Fajardo (Setter)
Majoy D. Baron (Middle Blocker)
Kim Kianna Dy (Opposite Hitter)
Carmel June "CJ" V. Saga (Defensive Specialist)
Aduke Christine P. Ogunsanya (Middle Hitter)
Norielle M. Ipac (Middle Hitter)
Princess Justine G. Tiu (Outside Hitter)
Ernestine Tiamzon (Outside Hitter)
Ezra Gyra Barroga (Opposite Hitter)
Arriane Mae A. Layug (Outside Hitter)
Bettina Caceres (Setter)
Rovena Instrella (Middle Hitter)
Aljan Andre Pielago (Outside Hitter)
Marta Roces (Libero)

Far Eastern University

Another tough contender as they didn't loose any team player.


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

AGUDO, Ivanna (wing spiker)
ATIENZA, Kyla Llana (libero)
BASAS, Toni Rose (wing spiker)
CARANDANG, Czarina (middle blocker)
CAYUNA, Angelica (setter/wing spiker)
DUREMDES, Ria (libero)
GUINO-O, Heather (wing spiker)
HERNANDEZ, Carlota (wing spiker)
MALABANAN, Jerrili (middle/wing spiker)
NEGRITO, Kyle Angela (setter)
PALMA, Mary Remy Joy (middle blocker)
PONS, Bernadeth (wing spiker)
REBLEZA, Justine (wing spiker)
VILLAREAL, Jeanette (middle blocker)

National University

With the tall Jaja Santiago as their team captain, NU is one huge contender!


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

Jaja Santiago
Jorelle Singh
Jasmine Nabor
Audrey Paran
Joni Chavez
Risa Sato
Roselyn Doria
Aiko Urdas
Gayle Valdez
Roma Joy Doromal
Larnie Aberin

University of the East

With their first win from a long drought last season, will UE levels up their performance this season? Here's the Lady Warriors:


Photo credit: Arvin Lim via ABS-CBN S&A

Abil, Judith O.
Adorador, Ma. Shaya C..
Alcayde, Jasmine Gayle J.
Arado, Kathleen Faith P.
Baliton, Roselle P.
Bendong, Laizah Ann P.
Camama, Isabelle M.
Catindig, Juliet C.
Dacaymat, Angelica B.
Disquitado, Dana Alyssa D.
Domingo, Celine Elaiza B.
Gabarda, Mariella R.
Mendrez, Mary Anne B.
Rodriguez, Seth Marione P.

School Team Chants

Since last year, I have been dreaming to be able to watch live games since I became a fan of the league, in fact I was already planning to watch the live game between the Ateneo Lady Eagles and the University of East Red Warriors last year but failed to since we were out of time when we visited Baguio City.

However, my husband and I are both flying to Manila by February 22 and thought it would be a perfect time to fulfill what I had been dreaming of - to watch a live game in Manila! I am not being too excited for it so not to jinx it though but I am hoping for it to pursue.

Because of that, I am now learning how to do the actual team chant or cheers for each university team or at least for my favorite teams. While I really like all the teams because these are young ladies and the future athletes of the country, of course there are certain players whom I love and support the most.

So, I have researched the specific cheers and chants which each school had been ecstatically shouting during the games. Let this be a crash course for me and for you as well, readers!

Video credit: Gerard Santos via

Adamson University

A-D-A-M! S-O-N! 4x
A-dam-sooon! 2x
A-dam-sooon, U!

Ateneo de Manila University


De LaSalle University

D-LS-U! Animo La Salle!

Far Eastern University

Let’s Go! Let’s Go Tamaraws, Let’s Go!

National University

HEEEY! N-U, Let’s Go!

University of the East

Bomba! U-E! Igma Kadima!

University of Santo Tomas

Go! USTe! Go! USTe! Go! Go! Go!

University of the Philippines

Matatapang, matatalino
Walang takot, kahit kanino
Hinding-hindi magpapahuli
Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP
Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (4x)

If you have noticed, only the University of the Philippines chant has Filipino lyrics. UP surely knows how to do it with pride.

My Favorite Team

I guess I had learned to support this team because of a certain player, Alyssa Valdez. I have watched UAAP since college but I never really liked a certain team until last 2013 when my housemate had introduced me to the Ateneo Lady Eagles and to Alyssa Valdez.

I can still remember they were against the Adamson University and all I can remember throughout the game was this player, morena, skinny and smiling. Like I couldn't even remember if she's good at spiking or what but I certainly remember her smile and her humility. From that time on, I had been on the lookout of her match and little did I know, I had become a fan of this girl.

I am a no sport-woman so I don't have specific sport idols or what but I kinda started to love this girl who had also believed by a lot of younger girls to be their idols in terms of the sport. Her dedication and love for volleyball is something which had given her the title as Face of Volleyball in the Philippines.

So if I would be asked which is my favorite Women's Volleyball team in the UAAP, I will say it is the Ateneo Lady Eagles.

I am rooting for them and although they had lost last year, I believe they'll perform pretty well this season even without Alyssa Valdez.

Players Whom I Look Forward to Watch

These are the players whom I have been eyeing this season. I have been a fan of these girls and I believe they'll be giving their best for their respective teams or schools so I am listing them down here:

1. Maddie Madayag

She was one of my fave last season because of her quick attacks and running spikes but because of an injury during their warm up games, she was not able to finish the season, she got to play a few matches and she had to rest and get into medication because of her knee injury.

Now, she is currently at 85% recovery where she's only facing her mental battle. I know it is quite hard for athletes who go through injuries, they'll get hesitant and get worried they might experience it again. But as per the last article I have read, she is already going through the specific training full time when they were in Thailand so I am hoping to see her in the first six of the team as middle blocker!

Video credit: UAAP 78 Highlights via

2. Bea De Leon

Funny and quirky. That's how I picture Bea De Leon. She has improved so much in the last season and I believe she'll be showing us more improvement this coming season so I am hoping to see more of her and her blocks plus quick sets for her by their new Team Captain Jia Morado.

I know I have been looking forward for more from the Ateneo Lady Eagles but I also have other favorite players whom I would like to see more action from them in the season to come. 

3. Isa Molde

This rookie of the year gal hails from Cebu and I am of course a fan! I have seen her potential during her first UAAP season and I want to see more of her this year. She has been awarded because of her great performances from last season and that she had been a key factor why UP had achieved their top 4 spot!

From a Bisaya's perspective, it is a pride to see another Bisaya making her dream come true. By the way, she loves Alyssa Valdez too!

4. Cherry Ann Rondina 

She's a two time beach volleyball champion of the UAAP and another Cebuana in the UAAP and I am just proud of this girl because of her energy inside the court. Even if she's not that tall, she is able to block certain attackers from the other side of the court! Indeed a hardworking and energetic person!

One more thing about her is that she is able to perform a cartwheel stunt during the last 2016 Shakeys All Star game and it was super fun! She also had great spiking attacks and would like to see how she has improved this year after being exposed to training in Thailand too! 

alt_ Photo credit: Jamil Buergo via Sports Gateway PH

I do hope that more and more people or Filipinos in this case would be sharing and perhaps blogging about volleyball. The sport needs support and I do hope it will become more famous like the Basketball which has been considered as the most famous sport in the country.

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