The Revenge

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Once there was a king . Who was a cruel man . He punished everyone hardly on little mistakes . He had a son . Whose name was Keats . He loved his son very much . Keats always told his father not to punish people on little mistakes . But the king didn't listen him .


One day , the King ordered a farmer to bring some water melons from his farm . The farmer obeyed him and brought some water melons . when the King ate the water melons and came to the result that these were not sweet . he became angry and ordered to kill the farmer . The farmer said to him :"Please forgive me my lord ." The king was not about to listen and the servants killed the farmer . The farmer had a beautiful daughter whose name was Rose . When she came to know about his father's death , she began to cry and decided to take revenge of her father's death .


One day when Rose was working in his father's farm , the prince came there to say sorry for her father's death . The prince also liked to marry the girl . He also told his father about that girl . The king agreed with his son to bring that girl .When Rose came to the king and listened about the prince, she said :"No i don't want to marry your son because i know that you have killed my father. " The king said to the girl that if his son didn't like her , then he also ordered to kill her . When Rose heard this , she went out of the castle .

                  After a week Rose agreed to marry the prince just for taking her Father's revenge . Then the marriage of Keats and Rose took place . After one day she ordered a servant to kill the king . This task was successfully completed. And the revenge of her father also taken .


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