The rise of Islamaphobia in the West:

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Human beings are violent creatures, for whatever reason or justification they may have, they use brutal acts and are the sole creators of atrocities to harm their fellow human being. The sooner we come to accept this reality the sooner we can begin to shift our energy towards developing a serious antidote to all the problems we are facing today globally. We must begin a discourse on how human beings are violent creatures and open up a dialogue for inquiry to find antidotes for people who suffer from this disease. It is human beings who are violent not religion. In the meantime blaming Islam as a violent religion is aggravating the situation, it is taking charge of the conversation globally that it must be Islam that ensues violence, while the scapegoat has been reserved for Muslims as Islamaphobia grows in strength, hence giving certain groups of people a reason to harm innocent human beings who happen to identify with Islam or being a Muslim. It's time the blame is geared towards us, human beings who are violent beings using whatever comes our way to justify our aptitude for violence. Don't you think it's time we stop dehumanizing Muslims around the world and begin a process of accountability as human beings who are violent beings and find other means to reach a resolution than to blame a collective group of people around the globe for the crime of a few barbaric criminals? 

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