The role of parents in children's education

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Declining countless ills of our society and our environment also left a negative empression more strongly in our  behaviors , labor and tone in the literature , instead of politely non- cultural , literature and countless other the downside is that not only we , but also our environment, our future generations are all affected . Such an example can be 30 or 40 years ago, people today than we  , polite , civilized era were shortsighted . In the era of love, devotion and peace were ghurh . They try to keep the environment free from all social ills , and keep your environment clean . In contrast, our environment lies , theft , violence , terrorism , the proliferation of drugs , and violence, as have many other social  contaminated . Our future generations have stood on the brink . These diseases obligations to us and our children realize that away . Our habits and behaviors , and for our environment and our nation , are not useful in any way .



So it does require knowledge of the psychology of children to see life through his behavior and his weaknesses , negative trends will see the light in a child's life are rather dark . Defects and wherever it appears , getting up , sitting , eating , drinking behavior , witnessing the bagur to ignore these weaknesses should instead bring . It should also interact Who is this man who his friends are and how people behave in society from which they are viewed .




Light of my life experiences and my children recognize the essence of the most useful lessons . The brutal events that took place in their life and experiences layh spend three hours and they also come to work in the practical life .

decrease or increase depending on the teacher 's behavior .and kids can make future bright and stately .



Kauahd way to improve children's lives and practice their knowledge , and character, which are devoid of conflict , and encourage good work and bad work discourages kradyty identify children who are good and bad things . The role of the father to the children and Elbow patches of life and discipline and financial support and training her children in society, culture , teaches high morals and character . The role of education and training of children is correlative .

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