The Ruff Cut of Cat vs Sprinkler

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So it's kinda funny-weird to see it again so many times. I remember just about everything wrong with it. All the little cuts to make it shorter, which in turn don't let the gags read. The timing is off in the animation here and there. It is a bit of a painful experience putting this on the web, to be honest.

Even with all of that, I still like my original concept and can't wait to start sharing that process with you. I've had a chance to revisit some of the characters on the weekend and familiarize myself with drawing them again.

I'm toying with the idea of posting as much stuff as I can, even the really crappy drawings. And believe me there's plenty of those!

I would like to take you through as much of the process as possible, right down to the bone so to speak. Get yer hands dirty! Digitally speaking. I have some sketches to upload later tonight.

Alright! Startup euphoria is setting in and I'm excited by it! Yeah!!

Let's hope it lasts the week!

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