The scene, by which i am still in Showk:-(

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Today a very weird thing happened with me :/
I was in my office and after Sehri i went to 1st floor for the prayer of fajar with my coworkers. After Sunnats i waited for my friends to Pray for Farz together.

As i was standing in the balcony. I saw a black and white Stripped Male Cat. He was walking from a tree which is just outside of the door of my office towards to the front banglow gate. His back was on my side and as he walks towards the gate of the front banglow i thought he was gonna lay down somewhere or go anywhere but as he reached the gate believe me he just simply walked through it like there was nothing or like he was invisible or something.

Well it was night almost 4.30AM so just a street light was on in the gali and it was little dark so i didnt got suprised and thought that there may be an opening below in the gate but to confirm it i went outside after completing the prayer and i clearly checked that gate but there was not a single hole there and not a room for even mouse to go through. How the cat just simply walked through it really i still have no idea and it all happened right in front of my eyes. :/

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