The Series Between Srilanka & Pakistan

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Today i am going to talk about the series played between Pakistan & Srilanka...

The schedule of this series includes 2 test matches  & 2 Odi's that has been played since now....

In this series the great loss for the Srilanka was the retierment of Jayawerdane the main player of that team.It was a shock for all lankan tigers that they will lose their great player but he performed also very well in that series....

First test match:

In the first test math the Pakistani team made a great defend-able total round about 400+ but in return the srilankan team reached that total & also give lead to that Pakistani team should have to remove firstly.Srilanka's team made 500+ runs in first innings in second innings the Pakistani team was out on about 181 score that was very shameful for Pakistani team in comparison with first inning.In second inning the Srilankans achieve the target very easily without any problem, & the Srilankan team won the first match easily....

Second Test match:

The condition of Pakistani team was very week in second test match . They were in very bad condition as compare to first test match & Srilankans made a great total & Pakistani team was unable to reach that target & Srilankan team won that test match also & Pakistani team have to face defeat again.

This was the last test series for the main Player Jayawerdane .

In which he also played very beautifully & Srilankans also won that series easily.In that series Herath played a great role in success of srilanka he did very good batting & due to his batting many Pakistani players have to return to pavilion he was the man of series of test series.Due to his great bowling the Pakistani players was unable to acheive a great total in both test matches.

The next target was ODI series which srilankan & Pakistani team both are hopeful to win.But the great loss for Pakistani team was that their main bowler was unable to play that series because of his bowling action.Icc Banned him for & said him, to correct his action to be back in cricket.That was a great shock for Pakistani team that they will lose their main bowler & also for Saeed ajmal also but on the other side to to this condition the srilankan team got a great advantage....

First ODI:

In first ODI the Pakistani team won the  match and elected to bowl first.They did great bowling & srilankans player have to return to the pavilion at the total of 200+ . In result the Pakistani team gain that total with some difficulties that were caused by herath & from Pakistani side Wahab Riaz creat difficulties for Srilankan tigers & gain the most wickets . Afridi came at the end & won that match for Pakistan.So Pakistan won that match & Srilanka have to face the defeat.

But the Srilankan tigers were ready to take the revenge of first ODI match.

Second ODI match:

In second ODI match the Srilankan tigers were ready to take the revenge of their first defeat also.IN second ODI Srilankan tigers made a total of round-about 300+.In return the Pakistani team face many difficulties in acheiving target. THe difficulties were created by Herath & Pakistan Lose that match by 77 runs & Srilankan tigers take their revenge & won that match & Pakistani team have to face defeat...

Now it's time for 3 ODI both Teams are hoping to win that match. The team who will win that match will gain the trophy of the ODI series Pakistani team want to take their revenge & Srilankan tigers are ready to win that trophy.Lets see who will win last ODI & will gain the Trophy.........

Pray for Pakistani team that it will win that series....Love You Pakistan

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