The Ship of Desert

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The Ship of Desert

                The camel is called the ship of desert. Its special features allowed it to survive in desert with little food and water. Dromedary is an Arabian camel which is found in most places from south Asia to eastern Africa. It can drink as much as 120 liters of water at a time, and then go without water for a long time.

                 The water is stored in the secret pouches of the camel’s stomach, and its body temperature rises with the heat, so that the camel does not sweat much. The hump on the camel’s back is extra storage of fat that can be used by the body when food is not available. The feet are flat, so that they do not get buried in the sand of the desert and the nostrils can be closed to keep out sand in the air, and the long eyelashes protect the eyes. Thick skin protects the feet as well as joints of the legs and the chest against the desert heat.   


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