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World is getting fast. Everybody is busy in their work and are always running towards their work places. Mostly we see that our young generation is very active but some of them are nothing but '' Sleepy Heads''. They have no aim in their life. All the time they are yawning . And most of the time they are sleeping. Such kind of people sleep 14 to 16 hours and rest of the time they be very lazy. They've got no interest in the events, activities, happening around them. They just want to sleep and sleep. Those people sleep so much that when they are awake they still seem half asleep.

Sleepy heads have no urge to make new friends. They have no temptations for food as well. In short, they are so dull that they are only concerned with their sleeping. No matter what they have to sleep. And surprisingly such people seek all their pleasure and joy in sleeping. There is a saying: 

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” 
― Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Obviously , when they don't meet people and always stay lazy and sleepy , then the people also ignore that person in fact they don't like his company because he is just so slow. Entertainment, Adventure, Thrill , Joy these things are away from such kind of person. He/She only wants to sleep.

These people then also have to face health disorders. GOD has made a proper system  for us . We should sleep for 7 to 8 hours thats it. This time is enough for the relaxment of our nerves. But more them 8 hours cuases laziness which leads to health problems.

A person who is always sleeping could not enjoy the beauty of this world and universe. He forgets to enjoy his surroundings. So follow a proper routine other wise you will get cutt off from this world and happenings. Be active and live your life normally like other people.

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