The smartest animal

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Once there was a farmer from Laos. Every morning and every evening, he ploughed his field with is buffalo. One day, a tiger saw the farmer and his buffalo working in the field. The tiger was very surprised to see a big animal listening to a small animal and the small animal.


After the man went home, the tiger spoke to the buffalo; you are so big and strong. Why do you do everything the man tells you?” the buffalo answered; “oh, the man was very intelligent”. The tiger asked; “can you tell me how intelligent he is?”. No, I can’t tell you”, said the buffalo; “but you can ask him”.


So the next day the tiger asked to the man; “Can I see you’re intelligent?” But the man answered; “It at home”. “Can you go and get it?” asked the tiger. “Yes “said the man; “but I am afraid you will kill my buffalo when I am gone. Can I tie you to a tree?”.


After the man tied the tiger to the tree, he didn’t go home to get his intelligence. He took his plough and hit the tiger. Then he said; “now you know about my intelligence even you haven’t seen it”.

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