The smoke signal

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The only survivor of a shipwreck was a small uninhabited island. He screamed and prayed to God to save him. He looked at the horizon every day, but no one came to help him. Exhausted, he finally built a small hut to shelter from wind and weather and stored in it his few things.

One day, when he was looking for something edible and came back, he saw with horror that his little hut had burst into flames and the smoke rolled to the sky. The worst had happened, he had lost everything. He was full of sorrow and anger. "God, how could you do this to me?" He cried. But early the next day he was awakened by a ship that was approaching the island. The salvation came. "How did you know I was here?" The weary man asked the crew. "We saw your smoke signal," replied the sailors.

If today we do not understand everything that happens to us in life, but our burning hut might be the signal that brings God's help.

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