"The social network" reality behind the successs

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“The social networking” this movie was released in year 2010. This movie was based on the success story of founder of social networking site “Facebook” Mark Zukerber . This movie was based on a book named “The Accidental Billionaires” this book was a combination of sex, money and betrayal. Not even a single employee of Zukerberg was involved in making of this movie. This movie was released by Columbia Pictures in whole United States on 1, Oct, 2010.

The movie was widely appreciated by critics and viewers. But so many people criticized the work even Mark Zukerberg himself says that there were so many inappropriate scenes which had no connection with him or with the movie. This was such a blockbuster that it registered its name in top 10 movies of the year 2010. This movie was even nominated in 83rd Academy Award it was nominated for 8 awards in which it won 3 awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Original Score. This movie was also nominated in 68th Golden Globe Awards where it won 4 awards for Best Original Score, Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Screenplay and Best Director.

In spite of all these appreciation this movie faced so many problems like the script was already leaked in year 2009, so to save the work its producer Kevin Spacey said that this movie is going to be very enjoyable and will be entirely appreciated . Mark himself said on Oprah Winfrey show that the enjoyment and drama which is shown in the movie is not true because it’s his life and he knows it better that how it goes. Personally he said that the movie has build an wrong image about him he said that he created that site because he believes in creating something new and as in movie it’s been shown that he created Facebook to attract girls.           


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