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“One day your heart will take you to your lover.

One day your soul will carry you to the Beloved.

Don’t get lost in your pain;

Know that one day your pain will become your cure.” (Rumi)


This topic is so broad that it is really difficult for me to cover all in one post. I will try to summarize it but on other hand it is also very interesting so I don’t want to leave anything behind. My interest started on this subject few years back when I came through a book called “Kashf ul Mahjoob” (Revelation of the Veiled) by one of the famous Islamic Saint Ali Hujwiri. After which I searched and read many books from point of view of other religions as well and was really mesmerized by this hidden world of spiritualism.

From ancient times till today, from philosophers to religions; one concept is found common that is life is a never ending phenomenon. The soul never dies and it changes from one contour to another. Human is born once but life then goes on in different forms and shapes. One is granted place according to the deed performed in this world.




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In the world of universal mysteries “spirit” is the greatest mystery of all the time and human intellect is not been able to resolve this so far. Leave the great philosophers behind even Prophets are silent after saying this ‘The Spirit (cometh) by command of my Lord’.




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Thousands of years ago in the time of Egyptians they started to wonder about humankind? From where they came and where will they go? When they saw flowers blooming and then dying and then blooming again and same is repeated on and on. So they started to wonder what if the human life is same as those flowers. What if human can go through such transition as well? Their quests were recorded on stones in the form of symbols which were later interpreted by today’s world. Other nations that searched and wondered on these mysteries were Roman, Indian and Babylonian.  

From 19th century people started to research extensively on the subject of spiritualism. Sir William Crookes wrote a book by the name of “Research in the Phenomena of Spiritualism”, which was published in 1874 and it proved to be a ground breaking work in this field and became very popular.

Then a French physiologist Charles Richet announced in his book “Thirty Years of Physical Research” about Spirits and Astral Worlds and then in 1917 an English physicist Sir William Fletcher Barrett inspired hundred and thousands of people by writing “On the threshold of Unseen” and provide indisputable evidence for the existence of psychic phenomena.

Vice Admiral “Usborne Moor” wrote “The Voices” about strange & mystical sounds. Edward Caleb Randall writes in his book “The Dead have never died” his research and experiences about psychic phenomena and other world.

Many western scholars and professors were long in looking for answers on relationship with God, life after death, spirit, astral body, prayer, Cosmic World, What is true happiness and many such similar questions. In light of these queries many books surfaced discussing these topics & giving answers.

Below are few names of such books for the interest of my bitlanders’ friends who want to read in depth about the subject:


  1. A Hermit in the Himalayas by Paul Brunton
  2. Heaven lies within us by Theos Bernard
  3. Invisible Helpers by (Saint Charles Webster Leadbeater)
  4. Variety of Religious Experience by Prof. William James
  5. The Mind and its place in Nature by Dr. C.D. Broad
  6. On the Edge of the Etheric by Arthur Findlay


Europe is leading the world in science and technology and signs are that very soon it will be leading the world on subject of Spirituality as well. Right now in Europe there are research centers established specifically for this purpose and are working day and night on the subject of spirituality and many Scholars and Professors are part of such research groups. Many mysteries till date have been explored and few of such findings are discussed below:




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According to the spiritual researchers it is now an accepted reality that two types of bodies co-exist with each other in the human body. One body that decays after the death and second which remains and is immortal. When we sleep this body (Soul) leave the first one and it travels in different worlds. The soul then return to the inhabitant body when one awakes. Both the bodies are tied with a very gentle thread and this thread when broken, due to disease or accident, is the time when one dies. This is also known as “Astral Body”.

I will quote Quran here on this subject:


“It is Allah Who takes away the souls of people at the hour of their death, and takes away at the time of sleep the souls of those that have not died. Then He retains the souls of those against whom He had decreed death and returns the souls of others till an appointed time. Surely there are Signs for those who ponder. (Chapter 39: Verse: 42)


And as per definition of Wikipedia:


Astral body is a subtle body posited by many philosophers, intermediate between the intelligent soul and the mental body, composed of a subtle material.[1] The concept ultimately derives from the philosophy of Plato: it is related to an astral plane, which consists of the planetary heavens of astrology. The term was adopted by nineteenth-century Theosophists and neo-Rosicrucians.

The idea is rooted in common worldwide religious accounts of the afterlife[2] in which the soul's journey or "ascent" is described in such terms as "an ecstatic.., mystical or out-of body experience, wherein the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body (or dreambody or astral body) into ‘higher’ realms".[3] Hence "the "many kinds of 'heavens', 'hells', and purgatorial existences believed in by followers of innumerable religions" may also be understood as astral phenomena, as may the various "phenomena of the séance room".[4] The phenomenon of apparitional experience is therefore related, as is made explicit in Cicero's Dream of Scipio. 


“You are not your body. You inhabit your body. Bodies are mere shells which we cast aside like a suit of clothing.” (Invisible Helpers, p. 70)





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Western scholars on spiritual world are of the view that there are different waves and colors that come out of the human body and create a circle around every human being. Every human emits these waves of colors (Aura) whether he is a good or a bad person but there is difference in color of Aura as per their good or bad character. And color of “Aura” changes to blue or black when one is near to death. 

Another concept is that human according to his intellect creates an atmosphere around one self and this atmosphere is hard as rock if a person is bad and that prevents his prayers from going out and neither can he receive any pure energy from the cosmic world.

It’s a sort of daily experience where one can notice his attraction for one and repulsion for other and this is because of that positive and negative atmosphere one possesses due to his/ her character. These energies sometimes are so strong that one can feel in one heart love about someone without having any relation or meeting with such person and vice versa.

From definition of Wikipedia:

An aura or Human energy field is, according to New Age beliefs, a colored emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object.[1] In some esoteric positions, the aura is described as a subtle body.[2] Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners often claim to have the ability to see the size, color and type of vibration of an aura.[3]




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Cosmic world or better known as etheric plane is the place from where spirits comes and returns and Genies and Angels exist in the same plane. There are three planes in this world. The lowest is the place where sinners live and are receiving punishment according to their deeds, in the middle good spirits use to live and the highest is the place for Prophets and Saints.




Spiritual Saints and Philosophers are of the view that every word is energy and it contains a color of its own. Repeating certain words or praise for God will create positive effect on life.

“A talisman or an amulet strongly charged with magnetism for a particular purpose by someone who possesses strong magnetic power may be of invaluable help.” (Saint Charles Webster Leadbeater)


“Each word as it is uttered makes a little form in etheric matter. The World “hate”, for instance, produces a horrible form, so much so, that having seen its shape I never used the word. When I saw the form it gave me a feeling of acute discomfort.” (Pg. 136) (Masters and the Path by Saint Charles Webster Leadbeater)


Every word is a unit or an atom which contains some sort of electrical energy of inner feelings and its affects are felt in both the worlds i.e. this world and the astral world. A simple example is a cursing word or racist words that not only hurt someone feelings but also tend to create anger. Or a crying and shouting person in some pain tends to create uneasiness and sadness for the listeners. Or a General of an army can highly motivate his army at the time of battle via his speech.

In Islamic Ideology there are 99 names of Allah (God) and each name has its different quality and affect. Reciting those names can end miseries, pains and sickness at the time of distress. As each name has different quality therefore each can be recited as per need of the individual for the cure of the problem.

Also, in the Bible it is mentioned:

“By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made.”




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According to previous research “Ether” was discovered as delicate plane getting affected by different sound waves but later it was discovered that “ether” is so delicate that it is even affected by the human thoughts and feelings.

Three kinds of beings are present on cosmic plane i.e. Genies, Angels and Spirits of the dead people. Any communication between two worlds takes place by the help of “Cosmic Vibration”. When a distress call is made by someone using emotional energy, this creates very strong vibration in the cosmic world and when these vibrations are met with helping forces of cosmic world they tend to help the distress caller.

“Prayers is a great outpouring of force in higher Plane, a great mental and emotional effort; and in a world which is governed by law, there can be no effort made which does not produce some kind of results, because action and reaction are inextricably woven together.” (Invisible Helpers by Leadbeater, pg 4)



“The mind is the natural protector of the body. Vice of all sorts produces leprosy and other diseases in the astral body (soul) which reproduces them in the physical body. Anger changes the chemical properties of the saliva to a poison dangerous to life. Sudden and violent emotions not only weaken the heart but sometimes cause insanity and death.” (In Tune with the infinite, p 39)


Two forces are present in the cosmic world i.e. good and evil. When you obey God then a connection is established between forces of goods and sins will connect us from the forces of evil. These forces affect us via cosmic vibration. Every new thought comes from cosmic region. There always been a tug of war in the cosmic world between good and evil. These forces tend to affect human life and try to enforce their will on us. Then Human has finally to decide which path he will choose. 


To be continued…

Thanks for the read. :)

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