The Subtle Touch's Top 5 Specialty Adjectives

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This is your most exhausting form of communication. It's how you are least likely to impress others.

Try to avoid situations that force you to communicate with your dormant Advantage, because this form of communication will cost you a disproportionate amount of energy and it's unlikely to set you up for success.

Situations that force you to use your dormant Advantage will act like quicksand. You'll feel stuck, unable to move forward without using up all your energy.

It's important to recognize these types of interactions, because they can prevent you from making progress and momentum.

tactful - They enjoy gaining an in-depth understanding of a situation or topic before making a choice. They tend to make decisions based on rational facts, but they can let their emotions play a role too.

selfsufficient - They’re independent and self-directed. They may feel smothered by too much contact, but you can always rely on them to take their responsibilities seriously.

mindful - They captivate audiences because they don’t explain all details. Everything they say is carefully considered because they’re always attentive and aware of their surroundings.

profound - They see beyond the obvious. They rarely draw conclusions at a superficial level.

unexpected - They hold their cards close, so others may have no idea what they’re thinking. Even when you think you might know a Subtle Touch, you can be surprised by their quiet and deliberate decision-making, because they don’t belabor their choices. Their ability to hide their feelings is a distinct advantage in maintaining their cool, even under pressure.


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