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Here we come. High up on our to-do list, Suizenji Koen (Suizenji Park) is a well-known and much-visited park, and we had high expectations.

The location was chosen for its spring-fed pond, the water of which was known to be excellent for making tea. The land was named after a temple which no longer exists, but the park now homes the Izumi Shrine .

Within the garden is a representation of Mt. Fuji – a pointed hill that is meant to look like the famous mountain. It’s also said that the garden represents the fifty-three sensations of the Tokaido Road.

The pond was the crowning glory of the park, with a birds above the water and leisurely-drifting carp. A rock shaped like a turtle glistened in the clear waters, shaded by mesmerizing trees with leaves growing like bubbles at the ends of branches.

The SUIZENJI PARK was tiny but it was so beautiful !


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