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So many superlatives have been used to describe the Taj Mahal that many visitors approach it wondering if they will be disappointed. The silhouette, familiar from countless photographs, crops up again and again, wherever one instantly recognizable emblem of India is needed. And yet disappointment is rate. The Taj can be seen again and again and still surprise, such is its ability to take on a different character according to the time of day and the nature of the light. Although a tomb,the building lacks the cold monumentality one might expect; instead, it seems to float between heaven and earth. The Proportions, the remarkable symmetry, the surrounding gardens, and the reflections in the water all combine to create a place of indescribable beauty.

A Frenchman and a Venetian are said to have had some part in its construction, but no single architects name is recorded with any certainty, as befits a building intended to be associated with the name of its occupant this is so nice place I suggest all the peoples visit the Taj Mahal. 

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