The telescope would be the human eye

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Ryflktrky in contact lens filters and lenses are estimated with 1.55 mm thick, Photo: File

London: general views of the binoculars for a closer look, but now scientists turned to a contact lens was drafted by the scene three times larger than any that can be seen when low-vision lenses may also prove useful for people.

The contact lenses were developed in Switzerland with the filter and ryflktrky 1.55 mm thick lens has been installed and it ryflyktuu Telescope (reflexive telescope) make, take them to the eyes when the light passes through the lens so many mirrors looking into a mirror, and the stuff looks great.

This advanced lens also be useful for individuals who have low vision without operation when the lens is used like a telescope, this new lens is made a switch from the usual vision and the offers the option to show the patient the battery will wear a lens through which the eye movement of the LCD technology and is estimated to be noted that where the eye is looking at it and seeing There is also a need to expand or not, thus the lens and the lens is automatically adjusted according to daily life that can be used easily.

Putting them in a large space telescope lens is required and it may be the lack of oxygen in the eye, however, the model has been developed to deliver oxygen to the eye were created special programs deliver oxygen to the eye.

The jointly by Novartis and Google has begun work on smart contact lenses improve vision plus the continued work on several inventions which have special lens in the eye disease glaucoma do note.

The 45 million people each year suffer from glaucoma and glaucoma tests because blind eyes were traditionally put high tide when there is pressure to note that it is not enough that it is necessary to glaucoma monitored 24 hours and this is only possible through a sensor.

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