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Last night, we friends were together and had a party. We had been talking about different issues related to this world at the moment and everyone agreed that the era we are living in, is full of turbulance and turmoil and that one must always strive for reducing the difficulties of others, not to increase it. In the meanwhile, a friend who was keeping quiet for a long time and was kind of indifferent, told us a story. This really affected me so, I want to share with you as well.

"Once upon a time, there was a king who used to rule over good people and the country was prosperous - no one had anything to complain about and people loved their king. One day, a saint came by and the king gave him respect he deserved. After a while, the king asked the saint to grant him any kind of token, like amulet, etc. which could help the king in difficult times. The saint got quiet for a while but upon insisting, he wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it over to the king and asked him only to open and read it when there is absolutely no hope at all and that he can not find any other solution to the problem. The king was happy and he promised to do that.

After a few days, a neighbouring country invaded with big army and plundered and defeated the army of the king. The king was feared to be dead but he somehow escaped and found solace in a cave far in the woods. The enemy was after him and he was waiting for death to arrive. In the meanwhile, he remembered something about the saint and the paper. He searched for it in his pockets and found it. Upon reading, he found out it said: " This time will pass by, too". The king got really angry over it and murmured that he thought the saint would give him some kind of spell that would make his difficulty easy but alas, he couldn't do anything now! For a while, he thought what to do but then he stood up, took his sword and waited outside for his soldiers.

The soldiers came, they fought and escaped the enemy somehow. They entered to another country, gathered his army and equipped with weapon, and at last went back to fight the enemies. After a fierce fighting, the king regained the country and sat on his throne with great pomp and show. His bravery earned him a great respect from the people and this made him proud on himself. All of a sudden, he remembed the words of the saint that said "This time will pass by, too" and he repented.

The morale of the story is, that never think that you are in sorrow and grief and this will last forever or never think the happiness you got is for ever; time will pass by and only those will be successful who know how to tackle the th

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