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I picked up the phone and dialled the number "Hello?" "Hello, auntie, it,s me sundas,can I talk to Huma" I asked.

" I am sorry dear,she has not come down since after breakfast and she says that he could not be disturbed"
"But Why"? I surprised.
"God knows,she would not tell us anything"
"Oh,ok,Allah Hafiz then"

Huma was my best friend. At that time we were free after our final exams.As there was nothing to do, we used to chat on phone for hours.This bit of news about her was quite shocking for me as i know that if there had been something,she would have told me. I kept thinking " what if something horrible had happened.surely the exams result could not have came out early" But still after half an hour of thinking,I couldn't understand the reason for her strange behaviour.

So, at last i decided to go her home and see her and ask what the matter was.It occurred to me that is was my responsibility,as a best friend,to take care of my friend.Therefore, it was not long before i was entering her house.

"Did she come down"? I asked her brother anxiously.
"Not yet",he replied,"I wish you have some luck,God knows what happened to her"?

I went up and stopped at her bedroom door

,and to my very surprise,I heard her sobbing.I hesitated but then opened the door.

She was sitting on her bed; teras were rolling down her cheeks.I looked around and saw some biscuits and the book " harry potter and the half blood prince" lying on her beside table.
I sat next to her and then very gently asked " what happened"?
finally she said
"Dumbledore's dead"

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