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Hey there everyone, my first blog is going to be about love. Yeah that's a word which even a child knows these days. And well the children of today's generation are totally obsessed with this word. What exactly is love? Some people say if you find it, you're the luckiest person on this world alive. While others say, it doesn't exist. So today, I'm going to tell the truth about love here. According to me, love exists but like as a mother loves her child, like God loves his people, like a little kid loves his toys. It doesn't exist like as in Romeo loves Juliet. That kind of love is fake. That love is basically just an exaggeration of infatuation. You're basically attracted towards someone them i.e. you find them so freaking hot that you can't take your eyes off of them and all you can think is of the ways you can just go around them and tell them how pretty they are and how much you are really into them and you keep telling yourself 'Wow! What a beauty. I wish I could just get him/her'. The thing I'm trying to explain here is that you are basically obsessed with them and when you spend more time with them, the obsession increases which eventually leads to so called love. Both the lovers get used to each other and with the passage of time, all they want to do is get rid of each other and try to find a new toy to play with. So finally, the love finishes. and every time we see is a breakup. The point I tried to prove here that in my 18 years of life experience which i know isn't much, I've learnt there is no thing such as love. It's just infatuation. But to be very honest i must say that love (a type of lust/infatuation) does give people hope and helps them enjoy their life. Today's generation does not know what they are running towards. Because guys, this isn't love. This is lust which makes people do impossible things and when you get hurt, the consequence is unimaginable. So all I will say is if you actually want to spread love, spread it by loving your parents the way they loved you when you were a little baby, spread it by helping the needy, spread it by sharing your day's bread with orphans and widows. This is the love which will help the people succeed not 'Romeo-Juliet' kind of love which only destroys people. So my point is made here. I'm also sharing a video which describes the difference between love and infatuation. Hope you guys will love it. I will love to listen to your reviews though.

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