""The Two April morning""

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this poem has been written by the great romantic poet William Wordsworth. this is infact the sad outlet of the poet,s friend Mathew,
who could not forget the death of his nine years old daughter.Wordsworth has captured the mood of disillusionment of a school master,Mathew The poet and Mathew went together for a walk on a fine April morning. Mathew was a cheerful fellow. But this morning has was sad. The poet asked the cause of his sadness. At this Mathew said " The Will God be done." He pointed to a rosy cloud hanging on the top of a mountain in the East.
Mathew told the poet that this fine April Morning reminded him to another April Morning thirty year ago. That on the way he came to the churchyard and stopped near his daughter's grave. He was a blooming girl standing beside the churchyard yew. He was fascinated by her beauty, Innocence and gaiety. She resembled his dead daughter in many ways. Mathew; "looked at her and looked again, but did not wish her mine". He did not want this girl should also meet the fate of his dead daughter.
This poem is important in many ways. The recollection of past memories is the favorite theme of Wordsworth's poetry. Through his poems he brings back the golden memories to hi mind. Just as the cuckoo bird brings the poet, a tale of visionary hours, similarly this particular April morning gives the reader an impact of loss, pain and death. This poem describes in a very clear manner the difference between life and death.

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