The Unknown Child

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I am the unknown child the stork didn't bring,
my mother struck down during endless bombing,
no chance had I to ever see the light of dawn,
or graduate from milk to rusks made from corn.

The web can reveal the millions that died in war,
those that were soldiers and sailors and more,
the many others who died without raising a fist,
but who counted the babies that were never kissed?

Many fathers away on battlefields never knew,
until many months later about bombs that slew,
the families they had to leave behind to be brave
and wives carried children with them to the grave...

I am the unknown child that was never born,
just one of millions who have never sworn,
never had one chance to play out in the sun,
or gaze up into the eyes of their loving mum...

February 5th 2012
Edited February 8th 2012.

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