The US Office, King of the Casual Comedy

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As a student I have periods of time where I very little to do and to keep myself entertained I turned to the casual comedy. My description of this is a comedy series in which you can watch half way through a series or episode and still find it entertaining and funny. For many years I watched Friends on repeat due to the quality of the show and the enjoyable presence the actors bring to the show. However after being introduced to The US Office a little over a year ago it really captured my attention.

The characters to start with are portrayed brilliantly from Jim's constant pranking on Dwight to Michael's constant pursuit of attention and love. The storylines in particular slowly adapt throughout the show bringing in some of the more minor characters such as Daryl and really brings him into one of the main characters in the show. Whilst it might be quite a common storyarc but the build up of Jim and Pam's relationship really adds that central plot to the series to help glue it together with Jim, and Pam as the main characters followed by Michael.

I believe that this has the edge over shows such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory as it provides the element of bringing in new characters much easier as charcters could be fired/hired from Dunder Mifflin whilst they can bring in characters from the background such as Daryl and Ryan etc. Also compared to Friends it is just more upto date now as some of the early episodes of Friends are starting to look quite dated. Overall for those looking for a series to invest their time into or someone just after casually watching something every so often I truly recommend watching The US Office.


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