The use of peanut is beneficial for human health

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The use of peanut as a food is beneficial for human health, because it’s seed contains high quality vegetable oil from 44 to 56 percent and 22 to 30 percent of vitamins.


Peanut is at number one of the crops of winter that gives high income. While in rainy areas, the important cash crops “Peanut” also gives the average production of 10 maunds per acre. However, it’s production can be increased to 40 maunds per acre by using productive technology of approved types of seeds.


     Agriculturists have told that harvest of peanuts crop should be at that time when 75 to 80 percents are ripened and its inner part of shell (crust) becomes brown and its seed colour becomes pink. 

    If harvesting of peanut should be done with the help of harvester (digger tractor), its wastage can be decreased.

If harvester is not available, then another instrument named “Kasulh” should be used to pluck the plants and then separate the peanuts from plants and gather the scattering peanuts upon earth as soon as possible so that due to moisture, its colour can not be affected. To dry the peanuts, these should be scattered upon clean and hard place for atleast one weak, because their colour is also affected due to keeping them in form of heaps.     

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