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                    Hi Friends i am @mian-mehmood, as i spend 14-16 hours daily on computer, so i decide to write a blog on it, in this blog, i will tell you about the value of Computer. so let's start it.........!!!

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               21st century is the century of advancement in science and technology. The most impotent feature of the coming century is the development and growth of computer technology. Ten years from now, computers will be at home in our pockets and inside out television. Even a grocer and vendor will be doing his business with the help of computers. A scientific survey has revealed that tomorrow, we shall have shirt pocket computers, which will work much faster than today’s computers.

Images of ENIAC (The First Computer):

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                A computer is an electronic device that solves problems by processing data according to instructions. The word computer has been derived from the Latin word “computer” which means to reckon up. The first computer was designed by a French scientist Pascal in 1942. The first automatic electronic digital computer was prepared in America in 1946. The electric computer is rightly called the wonder of the modern age. It is an electronic device for storing and analyzing information fed into. It makes calculations and controls machinery automatically.

ENIAC: The First Computer



World's first stored program computer

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Computer in Other Fields: 

                A computer is of immense help in every field of life. It can help us in business, industry, construction, banking, medicine and teaching. In business and industry, the computer can let us know about the latest trends of business. It prepares lists of goods purchased and sold. It can show the figures of loss and profit of a mill or factory in one moment. It can inform us about the production, and needs of factory within a flash of time. It can equip us with a comparative statement of the production of other factories and mills. Thus in no time, we shall have a perfect data of the working of different factories on the screen of the computers without moving from our room.






                A computer is of immense help in the construction of the big plazas, buildings, bridges and roads. It gives us designs of various building structures, which are shock proof and sound proof. This computer accuracy has reduced the time for building something. Now we can construct buildings of perfect designs which cannot be completed by hundreds of engineers and scientists.


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Computers in Banking Systems:

Shinhan Bank

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                The banking system too has been revolutionized by the computers. The clients do not have to wait for a long time to know their balance, profit and loss. It supplies to its clients the most accurate accounts. Computers are rendering great service in the smooth working of telecommunication system also. The telephone exchanges are controlled by computers. The messages by telephone, radio, fax machines and television are full computerized.

                Rockets, satellites and spaceships are controlled through computers. The air flights between different countries are guided by computers. Due to the wide range of memory and calculation, they have become the need of every establishment. In the hospitals, the computers help us to diagnose various diseases. They help us in the investigation of laboratory tests. They guide the doctors to prescribe correct medicine for the patients.

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                A computer has a very vast memory. A small disk can store material that several books and files can store. The knowledge contained in a whole library can be stored in the computers. We can say that in future, the computer will play a great role in our social, economic and cultural life. In spite of their limitations, they cannot be done away with.


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