" The value of parents "

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The relation of parents and children is the most sincere one in this world.Because it is not at all for benefits .And only strong one in our blood relations.But a bitter reality of our life is this that nowadays we, as children have no time for our parents.We even many time diobey them.This is vary bad infact.We think like only that could be good or right which we are saying.But is is not so.If some one have no parents only he/she can understand the value of them

As some scholar says:

                                        " we cannot understand value something untill we loss it"

the same case here can be applied in todays world.WE HAVE FORGOTTEN ALL THAT SACRIFICES WHICH OUR PARENTS MADE FOR US.They murdered their own happiness and desires just for the sake of their childre happiness.Think for a while, can you imagen that time when you were a baby and your mother used to awake whole night for you.She always do all things for your comfort.And never thnks for her ease.yOur father always go for earnings for you..by working throughout the day sometime in office or in sunshine.He does so only for your better future.One thing that I have observed in this life.We all are very disobidient children.And that is more worse thing when children used to say in front of their parents by staring themThat what you have done for u                                         s ?                                                               This is very much hurting point.If today we are doing such things .What will our generation do with us ? Honestly Our parents bring up with so love and care , so that one day we question them that what they have done for us ? Alas! i will say to these type of children that your parents brought up you in a very delicate manner.enables you to say this rubbish :( its very much bad .We learn to treat them as good as they do still with us. and no doubt we can only understand the feelings of our parents when one day we will also be at their stage.And may be at that time with some tears in eyes we thought."If i were understand the                                                                                                         m" 

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