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The Voice Kids is a singing reality show on television here in the Philippines aired in ABS-CBN. The show originated on the same name series from the Netherlands.  The Voice kids were first aired here in the Philippines, on May 24, 2014.  It had a follow up  The Voice Kids season 2 which was broadcast June 6 until August 30, 2015.

It was an instant hit, many Filipino audiences that love watching singing competitions. It added to the public enjoyment that the contestants were all kids ages eight to fourteen years old. The show proved that the Philippines is truly a home of  great singers and there are lot of talented young Filipino singers just waiting to be discovered.

The format of the show is there are three coaches that will serve as mentors of the young talents and they will be searching for that talented young Filipino whom they feel that will become the next singing champion. But in the Grand Finals it is the audience or the people's vote who will decide on who will win the title.

In the show there are different stages that the young talents or “artists” as they call it on the show, will have to go through before he/she can be named as The Voice Kids Champion. The first stage is the on-ground audition wherein there will be a nationwide search for kids ages eight to fourteen years old. The second stage is the Blind Audition, follow up by the Battles, then the sing-offs and live shows.


Meet the coaches

There are three coaches which consist of  music icons, award winning actress-singer and a Broadway superstar. Each coach will have 18 artists on their team. The coaches will be mentoring the young artists all through out the competition.


 Lea Salonga  

An entertainment icon and world renowned Broadway performer.

She better known with her lead role in the Broadway musical  Miss Saigon as Kim. From which she won various awards like Tony, Olivier, Outer critics awards and others that made her famous on the Broadway stage.

Lea Salonga was the first Asian female artist to play the roles of Éponine and Fantine on the hit Broadway show Les Misérables.

She is the voice of Jasmine on Disney movie Aladdin theme song A whole new world. Fa Mulan, Reflection, theme song of the movie Mulan.

Lea  is currently in New York City, USA for the Broadway musical Allegiance that will open on November 8.

She is the mentor of Team Lea in the The Voice Kids.


 Sarah Geronimo

The Popstar princess. An actress, singer, performer and inspiration to a lot of young kids when it comes to singing.

Sarah came from a television singing contest, Star for a night, on which she won the title in 2003. And from there her singing career had started. Over a decade in the music industry Sarah had received various awards both local and international.

She also ventured into making movies, three of her movies earned her the title of Box-office Queen. A very special love in 2008,  You changed my life in 2009 and It takes a man and a woman in 2013.

She is the mentor of Team Sarah in The Voice Kids.





Bamboo Mañalac or simply known as Bamboo. Rock icon and a singer-songwriter. His name is known in the music industry as the former voice of two rock bands, Rivermaya and Bamboo.

He is now a solo performer, a mainstay on the hit Sunday variety show ASAP and one of the coaches in The Voice of the Philippines  and The Voice Kids.

He is the mentor of Team Bamboo also known as Kamp Kawayan in The Voice Kids.




The hosts


The Voice Kids season 1 hosts were Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga. Luis Manzano is one of the country’s best male hosts. Alex Gonzaga following the footsteps of her sister Toni Gonzaga that is also known for her hosting skills.


The Voice Kids season 2 hosts were Luis Manzano, Robi Domingo and Yeng Constantino. Both Robi and Yeng were product of reality shows. Robi came from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, he won as the first runner up on the said competition. Yeng joined Pinoy Dream Academy and was the first Grand Star Dreamer.


The Blind Auditions


The Blind Auditions is the next stage of audition for those young lucky artists who made it from on the ground auditions that was held nationwide and abroad. This is the part of auditions that is being televised. 

Here the three coaches are facing the audience, so that they will only be judging the  voice quality of the young artist and not by the way it looks or its status in life. The coaches are searching whom they think will be called the next singing superstar.

Each artist is given 90 seconds to impress the coaches from their audition piece, if within the said time a coach push the button to turn around to see the artist, that coach will be his/her mentor. But if two or the three of them will turn around to see the artist, then it is the artist who will choose from the coaches who will be his/her mentor.

But if none of the coaches turn their  chair around for the artist, the artist will be then saying goodbye, but before the he/she leave the stage,  the coaches will turn around to see the artist and will give words of encouragement, giving advice to the young hopeful  to continue dreaming and keep on singing.


 The video above shows the blind audition from The Voice Kids season 2. Esang who made it to the finale, won the heart of the three coaches, during the blind audition. Each coach was trying to win her vote to be part of their team, but in the end Esang choose her idol Lea Salonga as her coach.


Eman and Sandy sang their Visayan version of Just give me a reason  for their Blind Audition. They sang uniquely using their improvised instruments. This duo joined the contest to help their family, just like most kids who dream of being the grand champion. They won the heart of coach Bamboo, who turned around for them.


The Voice Kids Season 1 Blind audition,  Darlene sang Girl on fire. The three coaches turned around to her, but the young, vibrant and talented girl chooses Lea as her coach. Darlene were able to make it to the Grand finale of the The Voice Kids season 1.

Here are some of the best Blind Auditions from The Voice Kids Season 1 and 2 that charmed the coaches with the young artist's powerful voice making them three chair turners.

The power of love by Giedie

Chandelier by Sassa

Try it on my own by Grace

Wrecking ball by Amira


At the end of the blind auditions the coaches will have 18 artists on their team. Those artists  will continue their journey to the next stage of the competition which is The Battles.

 Team Lea, The Voice Kids season 2


 Team Sarah, The Voice Kids season 2


 Team Bamboo, The Voice Kids season 2


The Battles

After the blind auditions the next stage is The Battles. The coaches will group the artists on their team  into a group of three. It is here that the coaches will start in mentoring the artists on their team. Each group will be given one song to sing to battled on the stage. Their respective coach will choose only one from them, whom he considers did great on stage.

Here are some of the stunning performances of the young artists during the battle rounds.

The Voice Kids season 2 Battle performance: Your Love by Kate vs Paul vs Elha from Team Bamboo.


The Voice Kids season2 Battle Performance: Somewhere out there by Bianca vs Esang vs Stephanie  from Team Lea


The Voice Kids Season 2 Battle Performance: First time in forever by Jhyleanne vs Kyla vs Mary Anne from Team Lea.


The Voice Kids Season 2 Battle Performance: I can by Joshua vs Zephanie vs Ken Jhon from Team Sarah


From 18 artists only 6 artists from each team will advance to the next stage of the competition, The Sing-Offs.


The Voice Kids Season 2, Team Lea Sing Off.


The Voice Kids Season 2, Team Sarah Sing Off. 


The Voice Kids Season 2, Team Bamboo Sing Off.


The Sing Offs

The artists who won in the battles will now continue their journey on the sing-offs. Here from 6 artists on each team, only 2 from each team will advance on the live shows or the semi-finals.

The remaining 6 artists on each team will sing to impress their respective coaches and shows that he/she got what it takes to be the next singing champion. It is in the coaches hands who will move on to the next stage of the competition which is The Live Shows.

Here are the Sing off performances of the top 6 artists who made it on the Live Shows of The Voice Kids Season 2.

 The Show by Sassa


 Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos by Elha of Team Bamboo.


 Isang Mundo by Esang of Team Bamboo.



 Amazing Grace by Reynan of Team Lea.


 Problem by Zephanie of Team Sarah.


 Just the way you are by Kyle of Team Sarah.


The Voice Kids Season 2 Top 6

 From top left Sassa, Reynan, Elha, Kyle, Esang and Zephanie.


The Live Shows

From hundreds of young hopeful Filipino kids who had auditioned nationwide. From 54 kids who made it to the Blind auditions to 18 young, talented kids  who made it to the Sing-offs.

From weeks of intense vocal competitions, the young artists are now down to 6. They will battle on the live shows. The first is the semi-finals.

All the live shows of The Voice Kids Ph were held in Newport Performing Arts, Theater, Resorts World Manila, Pasig City.

At this stage of competition, it is not the coaches who will decide on who will sing in the finale. The peoples text votes will decide who will be the top 4 to sing on the finale.


The Voice Kids Season 2 Announcement of the Top 4 artists.


The Grand Finals

The grand finals are divided into two nights of stunning performances from the top 4 artists. Bringing their A-game to win the trophy, the title of being the next The Voice Kids.

On the first night there are two rounds of performances. The first round the top 4 artists will perform with top celebrity singers of the country. The second round is a solo performance from the artist with up beat song of their choice.

Voting will open after the performances of the top 4 artists  and will resume on the following night.

The second night is the night that will conclude who will be the next singing champion. The top 4 artists will sing for the final round, giving their all to their powerful performances to win the public votes.

Here are the highlights of the top 4 artist performance of The Voice kids season 2 during the final round.

Next in line by Sassa.


Magkaisa by Reynan


Ikaw ang lahat sa akin by Elha


Somewhere by Esang    


The Winners


Lyca Gairond the grand champion of The Voice kids season 1. Lyca also known as the little superstar, who won the heart of many with her life story. The girl that has a powerful voice, who made her the first grand champion of The Voice Kids.


Eleven years old Elha won the The Voice Kids season 2. This young girl used to sell banana cue to help her family. Proved on each of her performances that she is one singing star to watch out.

She won P1 million cash prize, house and lot worth P2 million from Camella Homes, P1 million trust fund, family utility vehicle, music instrument package and a recording contract from MCA music.

Here are the performances of the two grand champions.

Narito ako by Lyca                             


Emotions by Elha


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