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     Teachers have an obligation to teach students "the easy life is not the happy life and that the life that is lived well is the life lived generously in service to others" (Byron). Teaching young children to be ethical is a stepping stone that will lead them to success in the future. The resposibility of teaching children values relies directly on the parents and faculty at the collegiate level. Without parents and faculty where would children learn the ways of life. Byron also states "You have something important to contribute in the regard by providing challenging intellectual programs, by offering your own personal example of integrity and intellectual curiosity, and by voicing persuasively your high academic expectations for all your students." In short as a student at all ages you should be working together on the issue of character development. This idea can be directly applied to the Education System in Afghanistan. 

     There is a new concept going around that teachers are now stand-in parents, and whether or not students should be treated as adults. Academic Vice Presidents, Deans, and faculty are the people in charge of guiding and setting academic standards in the Afghanistan Education System. The teachers need to provide various rewards and punishments designed to encourage intellectual growth in Afghanistan. "When young minds are interlocked with one another in conversation or debate civility reigns and civilized society prospers" (Byron).

     The development of the Afghanistan Education Program should be encouraged from teachers, parents and most important students. One idea could be to flood the students with good reading material that pertains to the development of thier country in order to focus the potential of the students towards that matter. I encourage future teachers in Afghanistan to take on the challenge of teaching morals and ethics by acknowleding the fact that if they dont teach these values they will develope them else where. 

     We have the opprotunity to remove all the flaws from the American education system and develope a better educational structure for Afghanistan. Unfortunately it may be to late to implement such changes in America, but in Afghanistan they know no diffrent, and will be less likely to discredit thier new educational structure.

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