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The human that she named as women is the complete package of all things, joy, happiness and those things emotions and desire that a son or husband even a brother can imagine about her. Yes when she came to giving all at her capacity .No one can be like her and will be not like even her of one percent actions that she performed in her life. She is a great passion and example for those really who want to know what is unconditional love and sacrifices without any gain. Woman in every shape is complete either she is mother, sister, wife or best friend in case everyone will find her close to very perfection.LOVE





When she opened her eyes, she began to see her dreams then everyone cherished about her little mistakes and made amusements of about her talk. Everyone made smile about her talkative nature .She began to think about herself as a princess .Yes that true every baby girl dreamed of it .She wants to build her castles of dolls and happiness .She dreamed of to go abroad and wants to visit every fairy place in this world .So that’s the start of every cute girl .And yet it is so believed and admitted to fulfill the every possible chance of doing what she want to have and also about her doing.LIFE





After that slowly she began to move in the step of girl way of behaving and doing desire of good clothes and crispy diet and some kind of special foods that must make her to crazy .And she started to focus on her study and some kind of arrangement .She started to learn some kind of chaos that helped her mama .She focused on her study and took it at serious note .She made her very clear and arranged.EVERYTHING





Some wise people said about the six sense of the women is ten times greater than of  a man .She sensed very quick about what’s happening in some moments after. She put her in a straight manner so that she may recognize herself very sharply .She began slowly rude in her nature and behavior to strangers as opposite to in early stages of her baby stage because it is must good of her to be like that .A good girl has good manner that depends upon her care of himself about the perspective of othersrespect




Now slowly she is quite well learning about her relations .she recognized her relations and kind of relatives she has .She loved every relation but seems to be very close to her brother .She loved and fought her. She never take single breath of being away from her brother .Her brother is a guider of her and also a guard and toy for her. He took care of her and also he looked after her very carefully .She loved him as much as she can to imagine that her one of his golden days of careless that she spent with her brother.honor






At this stage she realized her brother very much .She put his secrets in her heart without knowing a single word to anyone .She played a best role of best friend for his brother .She often fought with him and claimed to tell her secrets when something her demands seems not to be fulfilled. She looked after his brothers belongings .She has been careful about everything that clinched this relation very beautiful .She loved him and she fought him as a jungle cat because she has him not like anyone whom she trust blindly.





Then a day came for that time she belonged to departure from one home to another home .When all the patience seems to be fell apart into pieces. She passed it very bravely .Then she put all her thoughts of being to someone stranger who came at such a great position in front of her .So she embraced all his happiness as to her .She loved him and protect his honor .She served as he wants .She never objected against his happiness and his will .Whatever the odds are .So she lived as no one can lived ever as she.LOVE




This is the most powerful strong and most beautiful relation in the world and the history of humankind race .She always never thought of sleeping at wet place but she worked all the day to provide comfort and joy to her offspring .She put all her joy aside for the sake of her children .I think she never dreamed so joyful respectively  that she might some good and quality time with her children .It is confirmed if that relation is not existed so life is un complete and it is un justice to humanity .Love is just start and ending name of mother .She worked at her last days so that her children may not get abandon and unrest .She taught every lesson of life at her best to secure and understand the brutality of peoples living in this world .Because she has experienced a lot of her life span to learn that lesson. So she might of desire that her children might not suffer and must not face this situation. This role is an exceptional because it has been justified just related to woman no one ever can dare to play that as she did.LOVE




So she arranged a ceremony of marriage and bring a daughter of other house .So she put all authorities to coming bride to play her role and demands happiness and security of her family .That she did so well till her coming.






She spent her all life in servicing dealing and knowing all things that she didn’t know .So  she knew it all how to deliver, at what cost .She at last learnt all.LOVE



Thank You all.






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