The Wonder of Giving and Sharing

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The Wonder of Giving and Sharing


Many people think that the more a person acquires and owns, the more enriched his or her life becomes. Furthermore, many people fear that having little or nothing will make life sad and painful. But living is not simply getting, owning, and having.

In fact, when possessions and riches become the measure of life, then life becomes a frustrating rat race with no direction and no rules. As others join this rat race, life painfully degenerates into a confusing array of shoving, pushing, grabbing, stealing, and fighting.

Deep inside us, there is an aspiration for something more, beyond the satisfaction that riches can give. There is in every person the longing for the deeper meaning of life.

Christ expresses it for us in clear words. He tells us that only by emptying ourselves and giving to others shall we find the meaning and fullness of life.

At first, he surprises us, but with reflection and prayer, we gradually discover the wonder of giving. We realize that there is more to living than just getting and having.

Giving can be likened to a mountain spring gushing forth with fresh life-giving water for all the people around. There is commitment, responsibility, and service.

There are no conditions or limits, no favorites or discrimination.

Only disinterested and unselfish love for all, always. The water gushes forth in summer and in rainy season, when it is hot and when it is cold.

Giving comes from within, from oneself.

It is not simply giving some extra coins to a poor beggar, or setting aside a fer old clothes or canned goods for the school project. It is the total gift of oneself to God and to others, life a spring pouring out itself.


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