The world fresh appearance for children’s

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The world fresh appearance for children’s

Our train was running children. We first spoke to save not his eyes as long as in this world, in this world, opens his eyes, but when he opens the latest appearance came into this world, they anger, love and to feel the difference in his mother's lap and others started. When all this is happening what's wait handle is in training.

Every child born into the House of a Muslim's first day in the ear is given the call to prayer is recited, and the other in the ear and the glorification of all things, and the end of the handle is all words from his ears can reach the heart of this. Why not a small child, then in the words of the address appeared to handle, nor is it after this bad in the ears of what was said.

Some months are very important for a child's training start because at that time, not only his body, at the same time, his mind in front of any words or anything, it was in his mind, nothing can fully mind.

Give your child milk during breastfeeding mother, even when read at this time also began feeding of bismillah. Because that will be a big impact on children also words will at the beginning of this training will be and then they will be the same for the life of me.

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