The World Without Books

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There is frequently asked question.What would the world be like without book? The very question is absurd and depressing.It is always said that the latest technology signal the demise of the books.

Decad ago,it was thought that the radio would replace books.The fear has persisted throughtout with invention of television and internet.But scence like that of cantonanese man reading of books negats the naton that modren advance  pose a threat to reading.

Books are temselves a form of technology that is spread over the pages and makes us delve into the complexities of life.Books are source of comfort for us.They are safe shelter.Throughtout human history man has found peace in the written works.Books are bridges through there pages we makes are contact with socity.Those who read more are better prepared to face the world then those who don"t read.Books offer other type of pleasure as well.

The joy of thir touch,sound and fragrance is immeasurable. It is important that we work to give every person the opportunity to enjoy books a shelter,sustenance without books is to imagine a world without thouht feeling compassion,or voice.


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